Newton TAB talks with Amy About Her Candidacy

Sangiolo: Two decades of City Council leadership

After the presidential election in 2016 almost everyone in Newton felt unsettled, said mayoral candidate Amy Sangiolo. It was around that time she started thinking about running: Current Mayor Setti Warren had announced he was not seeking a third term, so it was an open race.

But in the winter she had to fly back and forth to Hawaii to take care of her sick father, who has since passed, and eventually bring her 92-year old mother to live with her in Newton. By the spring, Sangiolo’s candidacy became official. And it has brought a different perspective on issues that the City Council has dealt with for years.

Sangiolo has been on the City Council for 20 years — making her the longest-serving member in the mayoral race.


Sangiolo Holds Press Conference About Making Newton More Business-Friendly

On September 6, because she said the recent mayoral forum questions asked very little about how Newton can create a more welcoming environment for businesses, mayoral candidate Amy Mah Sangiolo held a last minute press conference stating her plans on how to help the city become more business friendly. Sangiolo gave three points on exactly how she would do that as Mayor.

The Candidates Speak: Newton’s Mayoral Candidates Forum

Check out our first mayoral forum, sponsored by Neighbors for a Better Newtonville & filmed by NewTV in Newton on April 30. Please be in touch with any questions about the issues we discussed or others that you’d like to see discussed at future forums.

Ward Representation and Local Democracy

What makes Newton special are our villages, our neighborhood schools, and most importantly, the people who are the fabric of our great community. Each of our wards are very different — in their ethnic and economic diversity. Each deserves to have their issues, concerns, and needs addressed by someone who has first-hand knowledge about living in the Ward and someone who is directly accountable to them. Our current system provides that direct representation by requiring each ward to elect their own voice in government. (more…)

Sangiolo votes in favor of Citizen’s Petition

Last night, I was proud to cast a vote in favor of the Citizen’s Petition requesting a resolution from the City Council urging Congress to begin an investigation into the actions of President Trump.

Some of my colleagues have argued that it is not the purview of the Council to vote on issues of national or international concern.

I respectfully disagree. (more…)

Amy Sangiolo pledges to make Newton accessible, welcoming

Amy Mah Sangiolo, Newton city councilor-at-large for Ward 4, wants to be Newton’s next mayor. An attorney, she ran against two city council incumbents in 1997 and won by 12 votes.

“Every vote matters,” Sangiolo said. “You have rights and your voice really does deserve to be heard. You have a stake in this community.”


Newton mayoral race: What sets the candidates apart?

If you’ve missed the memo, the race for mayor is well under way.

After Mayor Setti Warren announced he would not be running for a third term about half a dozen candidates have jumped into the race. Among the candidates are three City Councilors: Ruthanne Fuller, Scott Lennon and Amy Sangiolo. The TAB asked three candidates what sets them apart from their peers. Here’s Amy Mah Sangiolo’s story.