Sangiolo votes in favor of Citizen’s Petition

Last night, I was proud to cast a vote in favor of the Citizen’s Petition requesting a resolution from the City Council urging Congress to begin an investigation into the actions of President Trump.

Some of my colleagues have argued that it is not the purview of the Council to vote on issues of national or international concern.

I respectfully disagree. Over the past 20 years, our City Council has voted on divestment from Darfur, fossil fuel divestment, a call for nuclear disarmament, support of enforcement of the Clean Air Act, support for carbon fees and support for a Constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision. I have proudly supported these and other resolutions because I believe that as citizens, it is our responsibility to speak up and take action on issues of local as well as national importance. Policies that are enacted on the federal level can have tremendous impacts on our community. Funding decisions can affect our city’s ability to provide services. Immigration policies impact our residents and our families. Changes to healthcare laws can adversely affect what we can provide our employees. Dismantling our environmental regulations can have negative consequences for our health and safety. Investing in countries that do not address human rights violations runs contrary to our values as a society and a community.

The resolution before us last night goes to the very heart and soul of democracy — citizens petitioning their local legislative body to give them a voice. Newton residents asked us to request that Congress investigate whether our President has violated the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution and whether he has obstructed justice. If such actions have occurred, these violations attack the integrity of our political process and our Constitution. City Council support
for the citizens ’ resolution sends the message to our Congressional delegation that we agree with our citizens that the President’s actions must be investigated.