Amy Sangiolo pledges to make Newton accessible, welcoming

Amy Mah Sangiolo, Newton city councilor-at-large for Ward 4, wants to be Newton’s next mayor. An attorney, she ran against two city council incumbents in 1997 and won by 12 votes.

“Every vote matters,” Sangiolo said. “You have rights and your voice really does deserve to be heard. You have a stake in this community.”


Newton mayoral race: What sets the candidates apart?

If you’ve missed the memo, the race for mayor is well under way.

After Mayor Setti Warren announced he would not be running for a third term about half a dozen candidates have jumped into the race. Among the candidates are three City Councilors: Ruthanne Fuller, Scott Lennon and Amy Sangiolo. The TAB asked three candidates what sets them apart from their peers. Here’s Amy Mah Sangiolo’s story.