Providing the highest quality educational programming for all students in our public schools from K – 12 is a top priority. In Newton, we have been fortunate to have had many generations of residents willing to invest in our kids. As a parent of children in the Newton Public School system, I want the best teachers, the best programs and course offerings, and the best learning environment for Newton’s students. I want all our children to thrive, and I want our teachers to have the resources and support they need for all our students to benefit from excellent public schools. As Mayor, I will:

  • Promote neighborhood, walkable schools to reduce the number of cars on-site and provide a safer, healthier environment;
  • Provide students with a wide breadth of program offerings;
  • Provide teachers with the resources they need to offer all students an excellent education;
  • Implement Full-Day Kindergarten and later high school start times – long overdue unmet needs;
  • Promote hiring diversity in teachers and staff to reflect the diversity in our community;
  • Work toward eliminating fees that discourage participation (music/instrument fees, bus fees).