Senior Services

Today’s senior population is very diverse and growing. Many are active, engaged, and want to remain in their homes. Others may be more frail and seek different housing options and additional services. The choices are limited, and the wait lists are long. Many are also looking for more interactive social programming, but the city services and facilities have not been updated or expanded to meet the needs and demands of our senior population. Others may be alone in their homes and need additional services.

As a past Board member of Springwell, a member of the Strategic Planning Team charged with creating a vision for the Department of Senior Services, and now caregiver for my 91-year-old mother, I understand the needs many seniors face. For years, I have advocated for additional funding for our seniors — including increased funding and expansion of transportation services. As Mayor, I intend to:

  • Use special permit board order conditions that require payment to our old “jitney” services as a means to fund a senior transportation shuttle service.
  • Create partnerships to ensure sustainable funding for senior transportation to services and amenities.
  • Encourage development of housing tailored to the varied needs of our senior population.
  • Partner with organizations to provide services to seniors living alone — to ensure safety and address isolation and loneliness.
  • Expand senior programs and hours in an updated, larger, or new senior center facility.